German Translation

I was going to create a path with German and Spanish translation, but Spanish translation takes too long. So, here’s an update v.0.0.9G (free version) and 0.1.0b for tiers. German translation, no new content Instructions: unpack the archive into your Beauty and the Thug’s game directory with replacement.

Android Build

Hi, dear friends! Android version 0.1.0a is ready for download. Wills747 created this build for me. You can thank him/her on their Discord Server.

Update is coming

Hi, guys! To put it mildly, the things became much harder these days. Though, I continue working on my game. I hope to finish the update by the end of April. It will contain both storyline and sandbox parts. Lisa would be able to have one more short date with Hunter or to spend her …

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Support Ukraine

Hi, guys! If you checked on my Discord Server, you probably know that I’m Ukrainian. I don’t live in Ukraine now, but my relatives and friends are there. There is no need to say what russian nazis do with my Country – the Internet is full of shocking photos and videos. I know that Ukraine …

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Update v.0.0.9b is available for my tiers

Hi, dear supporters! Beauty and the Thug was updated to v.0.0.9b. It contains bug fixes and German translation (no new content.) Updated distributive is available for all my supporters on Patreon and Subscribestar. Also, free version was updated to v.0.0.8b. It also has German translation!

Updating the site

I’m continue filling the site with data. Soon, you’ll see more information about game characters and some more galleries.