The Twins

    Their names are Yebani and Herani. Tough girls with tough past. There are rumors that they are from Russia. Or from China. Someone even believes that they escaped from North Korea. People say they killed their stepfather because he did nasty things to them. Also, they say that Yebani and Herani had been hunting in the boreal forests to survive since a very young age. Of course, nobody knows for sure. Nobody knows how they appeared in the country and where Hunter found them.

    They always have their own opinion about each task Hunter gives them, so they are really bad at following orders. Though, they are both worth all other gang members altogether. Nobody dares to mess with them. Fighting and fucking are their main passions. Even the toughest guys avoid meeting them in the ring. Everyone dreams about the night with the twins and is afraid of them. Fuck to death seem to be real with these two nymphos. The twins like both males and females – they don’t care. Their victims hardly can move in the morning while the twins are full of energy and ready for another victim – to fight or to fuck. They’re called succubuses behind their back, though they don’t mind.