Carla and Mia

    They’re a couple. Once Mia came to the piercing and tattoo parlor. She was just wondering and didn’t plan to make any tattoo right now. But Carla, the parlor owner, encouraged Mia to do a nice tattoo on her back.

    In a few days, Mia stopped by the same parlor. Again, she didn’t intend to do anything. The girl just had a powerful urge to see Carla again. Mumbling and stuttering, she asked Carla to show her portfolio or something, so she could choose one of the piercings. But Mia didn’t know that Carla had been thinking about her all this time as well. Carla found it very cute how easily Mia got blushed and how she was stuttering pretending to be interested in piercing. So, Carla didn’t waste time and stopped Mia’s stuttering with the most passionate kiss she could give.

    In a moment, both girls were nude and making love right in the tattoo parlor. They didn’t care about the visitors who could come into the parlor at any moment. They had each other, and the whole world didn’t exist for them.

    This day Carla gave Mia the first gift – a nose piercing with a white pearl of the top quality. That first time, Mia hesitated about the piercing but didn’t say a single word against it.

    Mia was surprised at how good the pearl looked at her nose. She was happy that Carla found it very sexy as well. Very soon, Mia asked Carla about a new piercing. At present, Mia has piercing everywhere. Especially she likes the piercing in her private parts, available only for Carla’s eyes. And she’s gonna get one more, very unique one.

    Despite having a lot of piercings, Mia doesn’t look brutal. Contrary, Carla managed to make all these piercings look elegant and sensual.

    Mia happened to be a mild sub. She likes worshipping Carla’s body and when Carla treats her like her personal fuck toy. Carla didn’t feel like a domina but accepted this role to make Mia happy. But soon, she realized how good this role suited her and derived great pleasure from their games.

    Mia calls her girlfriend a mistress, but indeed she adores her and treats her as a goddess. At the same time, Carla believes that Mia is an angel and thinks she doesn’t deserve her.

    They have been dating for two years, and they’re absolutely faithful to each other. But who knows, they might decide to diversify their sex life…