William Ito

He is 23 years old and the younger brother of Riley Ito. He is about 1,78 m and born on 09.01. William always wanted to play soccer, since he visited a match with his parents when he was a child. Since then he developed a great passion for sport and became popular on his school, when he played for the school team. His career was about to get a breakthrough, when he should sign a contract for a professional soccer club in Los Angeles. Before he could start his contract, he was involved in a tragic car accident in which he lost his best friend David and one of his legs. He suffered under depression after that although it wasn’t his fault. Because his whole life was designated for a professional sport career, he couldn’t arrange with that kind of setback. His sister left the US army because of his mental and physical problems and helped him to find a sense in life again. Although he isn’t ungrateful, he hesitates to show how much this means for him. He is very glad to have Riley around him, while he lost most of his former contacts and friends.