The Better Deal – an adventurous story

Hey, dear players!

„The Better Deal“ is a story driven game with a female main protagonist. The player can decide what kind of character she will be, take the consequences of her choices and guide her to different endings. It is in development for public release in 2024.


You will play as Riley Ito. She is 26 years old and works for a security company. Riley isn’t shy or naive, but a smart and
caring woman. She exercises almost every day to keep her body in shape, since she served in the US army. Because she takes care of her younger brother and works a lot, she hasn’t much time for her hobbies. Nevertheless, she is popular with almost everyone, but still has to
find a place in life after leaving the US army.

Riley has a charming appearance and because she has military experience and does a lot of sport, she is able to take of herself. She inherited the ethnic of her Japanese mother, but was born and raised in the USA. Although she isn’t aware of it, her genitalia will form a nice cameltoe with common panties or tight clothes. Despite the years in the US army, she has a healthy and sensitive body.


Riley Ito is the daughter of a retired US general and his Japanese wife. She lives with her younger brother William (23 years) in a small apartment in a fictional town called Bellstown. They were always close, but since he lost a leg in a car accident, she takes care about him, earning money for his treatment. At the begin of the story she works as a security guard. Because she doesn’t own a high degree and the army is all she knew, she doesn’t think she has talent for anything else than that. Still, money is always short and her brother struggles to get a job with his disability.3

One day Riley gets the opportunity to risk her calm and safe life for another, more dangerous job, that could solve all of her financial problems. She will move to a secret underground base to protect a VIP.

From this point, it’s up to the player what kind of girl Riley will be. She will meet new friends and has to decide if she listen to her heart or to her sexual desire. She can take a pure route, enjoy the opportunity of sex and arousal – or mix both together. But no matter what, she has to keep the mission in mind.



He is the leader of the mission and most experienced member of the team. Riley and he were in the same unit during her time in the army. They had one date, but Riley didn’t feel a deeper connection between them. It seems like he wants people he can trust around him. No doubt, he is capable of doing the job.


Desmond is a guy who only loves big guns more than himself. He is very tall and masculine. A guy like him isn’t shy with sharing his mind and always looks for sex with a pretty woman.


There is Jack, a maverick that only family is left are two cousins that he didn’t see since years. He is the medic of the team and also served in the US military with Terry, before. He hopes to settle down after this job.


Samantha (21 years) is the youngest member of the team. She is called Sunny by everyone, a nickname she got in her youth because of her tan lines. She is an orphan and have a cheerful personality. She has some geek knowledge and can even speak languages that only exists in a fantasy world with elven and dragons. Her mind usually circles around hacking security systems, but she hasn’t a bad personality.


There are different romance options in the game, but some people just want to use Riley, while others really care for her. The player has to find out, who is trustworthy and who just want to corrupt her.

It is also possible for players to not romance anyone.


The game displays the most common kinks:
  • vaginal
  • anal
  • straight
  • lesbian
  • female domination
  • female submission
There will be no blackmail, abuse or something similar.


  • Chose the right decisions with your team mates to win their trust
  • Experience an interesting story with easter eggs and fun elements
  • Decide if Riley has sexual experience or starts as a virgin
  • Explore different routes that lead to different endings, depending on Riley’s choices, romantic interests, her virginity and her domination status.


The Better Deal is a thrilling and exciting game in many senses. It combines a modern graphic approach and naughty elements. High-quality renders with accents on small details, hot animations, and easy interface features will make your game experience very pleasurable. Riley is an attractive protagonist and the story invites for multiple playthroughs to find a way to each end.

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