The Better Deal:

A story-focused, highly animated visual novel with several love interests, both male and female.

Promo Video:


Riley Ito, a former soldier forced to leave the army to support her brother, now faces overwhelming financial difficulties. Just when things seem dire, she receives an irresistible, life-changing opportunity: joining an elite team on a crucial mission to safeguard Professor Chen at a covert laboratory.

Will Riley navigate the dangers and protect the professor? Can she find true love amid the chaos? Your choices will determine her fate and her future.

Adult content:

The game adapts to your preferences based on your previous choices and stops showing content you’re obviously not interested in. 

Currently implemented adult content:

Anal penetration, BDSM (light), camel toe, creampie, interracial, humiliation, lesbian, oral sex, pussyjob, sex toys (buttplug), female masturbation, vaginal penetration, teasing, voyeurism, virginity.

Game Features:

(Some elements, such as different endings, are not implemented yet)
  • An exciting story with easter eggs and fun elements;
  • Decide if Riley has sexual experience or starts as a virgin.
  • The game adapts to your fetish preferences;
  • There are numerous player choices: make the right decisions with your teammates to win their trust;
  • No irrational, unpredictable game endings;
  • Explore different routes that lead to different endings, depending on Riley’s choices, romantic interests, her virginity, and her domination status.


Riley Ito

Riley is the main heroine of the novel. She is a tough woman with a charming appearance and Asian facial features inherited from her mother. At 26 years old, she has a perfect athletic physique.  Although she isn’t aware of it, her genitalia forms a nice camel toe with common panties or tight clothes. Raised strictly by her general father, she has become independent and responsible. The need to care for her younger brother led her to leave her military career, which put her in a difficult financial situation. When an opportunity arose, Riley was ready to risk her life to climb out of this desperate financial hole. Read more

Terrence Black

Terrence is a top-notch soldier and an excellent leader. More than once, he successfully completed his mission and brought his team out of hell unharmed. Before leaving the army, Riley served in the same unit with Terrence. He had certain feelings for her, which, it seems, still haven’t faded away. Read more

Desmond Page

Desmond is about 2 meters (6.6 feet) tall and is just a mountain of muscle. The combination of raw strength and a fun-loving, goofy personality attracts women. And I must say, he’s far from the modest type. The only thing that holds as big a place in his heart as women is guns. Desmond is a heavy weapon specialist. Read more

Jack Anderson

Jack is a good guy with a complicated past. While in the army, he met the wrong woman, and she left a deep scar on his heart. Time has managed to patch up the wound, but only the right woman can truly heal it. Read more

Samantha "Sunny" Henessy

Sunny recently turned 21. Despite growing up in an orphanage, she somehow managed to learn computers to the level of a top-notch hacker. Only the carelessness typical of someone so young led to the FBI getting her on their radar.

Sunny loves role-playing games, spends all her free time at the beach, and, as she recently discovered, she is much more attracted to women than to men. Read more

Melissa Cambrington

Melissa is the kind of person you can never figure out. There’s something unsettling about her, yet there’s also a magnetic quality that keeps you hooked. She can drive you insane in an instant, make you want to strangle her. And the next moment, you might find yourself at her feet, obeying her like a puppy. Read more


  • Chose the right decisions with your team mates to win their trust
  • Experience an interesting story with easter eggs and fun elements
  • Decide if Riley has sexual experience or starts as a virgin
  • Explore different routes that lead to different endings, depending on Riley’s choices, romantic interests, her virginity and her domination status.