Lisa’s dad brought Dolly on Lisa’s seventh Birthday, and since that, Dolly has been her favorite doll. Lisa used to spend days playing with Dolly. Often Amy joined them, sometimes even daddy participated in their games, and all of them had a lot of fun. Yes, Dolly also had a lot of fun; at least Lisa believed in that. Lisa thought about Dolly as her friend, not just a toy. And of course, they always slept together. Dolly often appeared in Lisa’s dreams, and they continued playing and talking about everything. Lisa could share any secrets with Dolly, even those she was embarrassed to share with Amy.
    But time flew by; Lisa was getting older and spent less time with Dolly. However, she still loved her. One day Lisa returned home from school and didn’t find Dolly. Mom decided to give Dolly to charity because Lisa was too old to play with dolls.
    Lisa was frustrated. A few times, Lisa had dreams where Dolly looked at her sadly and reproachfully, but the girl could do nothing; she just hoped that Dolly’s new owner was kind to her. Eventually, Dolly stopped appearing in her dreams and let Lisa forget about her.
    Five years later, on the day before moving out, Lisa decided to clean the whole house. Of course, she didn’t have to do such a thorough cleaning, but it was her way of telling her mother that she was no longer angry at her; she stopped blaming her mother for dad’s death and made a step toward fixing their relationship. Also, she did it for herself, to prove that she’s adult and responsible.
    Suddenly, in the big box in the attic she saw Dolly! Lisa was so happy to find her! She couldn’t believe that her favorite doll was here all this time. Probably, mom forgot to give Dolly to charity as she had planned. Thus, Dolly spent in the dusty attic for about five years, forgotten by everyone until Lisa accidentally found her.
    The girl picked up Dolly and held on tightly. Immediately, sweet memories flooded her mind. Despite being nineteen years old, Lisa felt a reconnection with her old friend, like Dolly was a real person. Lisa wasn’t too superstitious but decided that finding Dolly was a good sign. Obviously, she took Dolly with her.

    Since that, Dolly started appearing in Lisa’s dreams again. Though she also got older, and her games became a bit different. Now, she is more interested in playing and experimenting with her own body. Besides, instead of simple chatting, Dolly can give good advice. Her advice appears very helpful because Dolly knows everything about Lisa, even those things that the girl can’t admit to herself. In fact, Dolly is the reflection of Lisa’s mind that can rationalize everything that Lisa knows and feels and synthesize unbiased solutions. Dolly is always honest about Lisa’s feelings; often, she’s painfully honest, but also, she’s always right, and Lisa knows this.