Samantha "Sunny" Henessy

She is 21 years old and about 1,69 m. Her nickname is Sunny, because she often visited the beach when she was child and ended up having strong tan lines most time. She grew up as an orphan and doesn’t know what happened to her parents. When she got older she became more interested on computer knowledge and was able to hack some simple security systems. Later, when she hacked a traffic light system, she was caught and arrested by the FBI, but released under the condition to work for them for low salary.


In private life she still often visit the beach, but also spends her time on fantasy role play adventures during the cold days. Sunny struggles with social contacts and although she doesn’t talk about it, she feels attracted to women. She acts a little bit overhyped when she is nervous. Because she hates it to be called Sam instead of Samantha, most people tend to call her by her nickname Sunny.