Amy (Lisa's best friend)

Amy and Lisa know each other since there were little children. She is only one year younger than her. They grew up like sisters and did almost everything together. Still, there are some things that cannot be shared and when Lisa got her first boyfriend (Charles), Amy got jealous. Since Amy was young and naive she thought she could separate them, but in her desperate attempt to end this
relationship, she was an easy target for him. While Charles indeed dumped Lisa as she planned, he seduced Amy and told her all the lies,
that were necessary to keep her loyal. Lisa tried to convince her about his nasty intentions, but it was too late – she didn’t
believe her anymore and only trusted him. Their friendship seemed broken forever, but Lisa is about to reveal her Charles’ true
character with the help of a new friend (Hunter). Amy’s heart is confused and with Lisa’s help, she could begin to realize that she was wrong all the time. She will most likely do a lot to repair their friendship and make it as it was before. While doing that, she might explore her true feelings for Lisa.