General Information

The Better Deal is based on a story, written by a community member (Nev) from zegamez on Patreon. The original story was designed as a novel and modified for the use of a decision based game experience. It’s a short game, planned for release on wide ranged platforms like Steam.


Although the basic story remain untouched, many elements and scenes were added or changed to make it less linear and more sexual. For example, during this process several endings were created that were not part of the novel. Like this, the basic structure of the game improved and allowed a better experience than just read and click. The player will have to think about the consequences of the choices that are made. Some scenes might deliver some naughty moments, but could lead to a disadvantage later.


All characters, companies and other story elements are purely fictional and besides that fact that it is set somewhere in the USA, the game doesn’t claim to show realistic content. Much parts are designed to address the mature audience or for fun. Nevertheless, The Better Deal delivers a consistent story with no real gaps in the narration. Like this everything should feel immersive and the player has the chance to connect with believable characters and the environment.

It will have three different chapters + an epilogue. Besides the adult content, the goal of the game is to find a convenient ending, depending on the players decisions. Currently, the game will not provide cheats, because this would lead to errors within the narration.