Riley Ito

She is 26 year old, about 1,71 m, born on 24.05. Riley grew up in a caring and wealthy family. Although she always had a strong connection to her mom, she was always fascinated by her dad, who told her endless stories about his military career. Because of that, she joined the US army with 18 years and served about 5 years. During this time she developed an athletic body and self confidence.

Although she doesn’t own a high degree, she is smart and creative.


As her mother is from Japan, she inherited most parts of her asian look. Nevertheless, she was born and raised in the USA. Unfortunately her parents divorced while she served in the US army. Her dad wanted to live in the Caribbean in his old age, while her mother wanted to stay. They separated in good terms and her mom returned to Japan, since her children had left home before for their own lives.


Riley has a younger brother William, mostly called just Will. They are close siblings. Riley often took care of him, when they were children. She helped him with school and even cheered him during his soccer career. After he lost his leg in a car accident, a while ago, they moved together, so she always can look out for him. She helped him with his depression and with the bills for his medical treatment. Since then she works for a security company called “BP Protection”, which leases its personnel to companies in the country. Although her parents aren’t poor, they educated her in a way to stay on her own feet and be independent. 


As a teenager she dated a few guys from her school, but it never ended serious. She doesn’t talk much about her love life, but there were rumors about serious dates during her time in the military. Although she prefers to date men, she has an open mind when it comes to love and wouldn’t deny a woman either.