Beauty and the Thug in 2023

Hello, dear supporters!

The New 2023 Year has begun, and I’m returning to my routine workflow.

However, I didn’t stop working on my project during the last days of the 2022 year. I was preparing my Steam account. It was a bunch of work! Yesterday I finished setting up my Steam Store and sent everything for review. They need a few days to check my game, so I have to wait.

Their approval or denial will have a big impact on the future of my game.

I updated my game a bit for Steam. First, I replaced the renders where the characters may look too young. Also, I post-processed about 1,500 of my old renders to make them look slightly better.

Also, I made myself a small Christmas present: I bought all three Topaz Studio applications for images: DeNoise AIGigapixel AI, and Sharpen AI.

Topaz Studio uses AI to increase the quality of renders.


DeNoise AI removes the noise from renders. I used it to increase some of my old renders. The results are great. Usually, the process of denoising ruins small details like skin or fabric texture and makes the renders bland. DeNoise AI does a great job of removing the noise and preserving the details. Of course, the application has its limitations, but it gives the best results I have ever seen. 


Gigapixel AI upscales images using a huge database to add relevant details. For example, when it upscales mountains, it adds a rock structure where necessary, so the image looks great even after 600% upscaling. I am thinking about using it while creating animations to make them more interesting.


Sharpen AI recovers from missed focus. Not sure I’ll need it, but it was in a bundle, so I got it.

About my plans in 2023

Probably, I’ll add a few new levels of some of the fetishes (watersport, bondage, anal play, cum play). However, I’m going to work more on the main storyline and side stories and less on fetishes. I will continue Hunter’s storyline, Amy’s route, more content at Drunken Monkey, the doctor’s office, Sandra, etc. I have a lot of things to do for the beach – Carla’s and Mia’s events, volleyball play with punishments for losers, scuba diving, Charlie events, Jackie’s event, nudist beach… the list is far from being full.

Also, I’m planning to invest some more money in self-development. I stopped watching Erotic Art lessons because they became boring and useless for me – they didn’t contain anything I hadn’t known. Instead, I found some other courses that (I hope) would be useful.

One of the most significant problems is that my English will never be at the level of a native speaker. But I hope to improve it and work more on English grammar. Besides, I should improve my writing skills. I’ve already read the book “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft” by Stephen King, and I’m going to find more material about writing.

Also, I wanted to thank everyone who helped me with my project.


Wills747 for Android ports

BBZ01 and TigerOnTheProwl for proofreading

Cerberus for German translation

Gin for the Italian translation

BadHentay for Brazilian translation

Nev for regular reviews, constructive criticism

, and all others who helped me improve my game or supported me financially. I really appreciate your help and hope you’re doing well and continue being with me this year. 


Your zegamez

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  1. Awesome! I really hope the steam listing will go well!
    Best wishes for 2023 man 🙂
    Topaz AI is a great software indeed. I’ve used it too for photography. It can work wonders!
    Best of luck!

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