Report – Week #1

Hello, dear supporters!

I’m launching the third season of weekly reports.

Beauty and the Thug I’ve crafted a script for the next update, which will encompass Days 20 and 21. On Day 20, Lisa plans to return to her hometown to visit her father and have a conversation with Amy. I had initially designed a scene to explain how Lisa and Amy could appear in the same location simultaneously. However, I chose to omit it, as, apart from that clarification, the scene wouldn’t include any significant moments or hot scenes, but would demand the creation of several non-essential characters and a considerable amount of time. I hope you understand and forgive me for this decision 🙂

The predominant fetish for the upcoming update will be watersport. Please remember, should you not be keen on it, watersport can be entirely avoided. This update will feature an abundance of content events devoid of this fetish.

Additionally, I plan to incorporate numerous new beach events. Trust me, there will be many.

The Better Deal One of the crucial elements of any AVN is the main character. I have spent roughly four or five days developing my new female protagonist. Please meet Riley Ito, a 26-year-old ex-military hot female with Asian roots.

Creating environments also demands a significant amount of time. However, with the aid of AI, the process has become less cumbersome. Therefore, for the first scene set in Riley’s bedroom, I utilized AI to generate three wall images, wallpaper pattern, rug pattern, duvet pattern, a photograph of Riley’s friend, several company logos for envelopes on Riley’s desk, a logotype of the company where Riley works, and the text of a letter that would otherwise be just a blurred sheet of paper. Consequently, AI offers a new level of uniqueness without the concern of copyright infringement! (The sole exception here is Microsoft, as they prohibit commercial use of their Bing AI image generator.)

Last week, I thus managed to create Riley Ito and a few other characters, and rendered the first 22 images for the initial event of my new project.

There was quite a workload last week, but I’m content with the progress thus far. I hope you all are faring well. See you next week!

Your zegamez.

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