Beauty and the Thug is updated to 0.3a!

Hello, dear supporters!

I’m thrilled to announce that Beauty and the Thug v. 0.3a is now available for download!

In this update, I’ve included over 1,500 new renders and 13 fresh animations. This brings the game’s total to nearly 20,000 renders and more than 1,200 animations, with a file size just shy of 7 GB. To enhance your gaming experience, I’ve also incorporated two new audio tracks.

Additionally, the game now extends for a full three weeks, up to Day 21.

Monday, Day 22, is a new Groundhog Day.

Main Storyline

Amy’s (lesbian) route has initiated! There’s not much content yet, but it’s a start. From this point on, Amy’s route will quickly escalate.


In this version, I worked on Watersport fetish. I added seven events that will allow Lisa to progress her skills from 25% to 50%. Besides, I added several watersport events on the beach:

  • With Carla and Mia
  • With ladies from the lavatory
  • With Jackie
  • With Charlie
  • Get busted by a Life Guard

Just a reminder: all extreme content (including watersport) is avoidable.

Other events

I’ve added several beach events to the game.

If you recall from the previous update, Hunter now controls the beach location. Can you guess who he’s sent there?

Unlike Lisa, who doesn’t appreciate any gang members hanging around the beach, Kyle is actually quite pleased about it.

The Jet Ski activity is finally open! Lisa can now take a ride, either alone or with her friends.

Additionally, Lisa has finally taken the plunge and jumped off the cliff, meeting new friends in the lagoon as a result.

I’ve also included several new events in the lavatory. Now, besides encountering Carmen, Emma, and Sierra, Lisa can also run into Charlie or Jackie there.

Other updates

I’ve added some new hints to assist you with the new content. I didn’t keep an exact count, but I believe I’ve added a few dozen.

I’ve also fixed several bugs that have been lingering since the previous version. A big thank you to everyone who helped identify these issues!

Lastly, I’ve added seven new entries to the gallery.

Plans for the future

In the next version, I will add much more of Amy’s content. Regarding fetishes, I think I’ll work mostly on bondage (not decided yet.)

Enjoy the game! I hope you’ll love the update. Feel free to share your experiences!


Your zegamez

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