Version 0.3.2a is available for higher tiers

Ladies and gentlemen!

I’m glad to inform you that Beauty and the Thug 0.3.2a is available for higher tiers!

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to release this update sooner than expected. As a result, it unfortunately doesn’t include the events involving Amy. However, this update turned out to be even larger than the previous one! It features approximately 1,600 new renders and 60 animations!

The update added two game days – June 22nd and June 23rd. Now, the following day, June 24th, is Groundhog Day.

On Monday night, Lisa gets a Skype call from Hunter. This conversation will be quite fun if Hunter is Lisa’s love interest. Each subsequent Skype call will be even more enjoyable.



Laundry Events

June 23rd is laundry day. Lisa goes to the laundromat and meets Sandra there. The events that unfold will vary depending on Sandra’s relationship with Lisa – whether she’s a friend or a lover.

If Sandra is just a friend, she’ll encourage Lisa to be more adventurous with her exhibitionism.

On the other hand, if Sandra is a lover, Lisa will take the initiative. In both scenarios, the girls get some assistance from their new friend, Chen. Chen is a shy guy who always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Despite not having any chance for sex with the girls (Sandra and Lisa are faithful to their partners), he is still going to have a lot of fun.

New Fetish Events

In this update, I focused on Bondage. Now, Lisa can improve her Bondage skills from 25% to 65%. To do this, she needs to put in some effort. She’ll have to do some internet research, watch a few videos, and buy new accessories. However, the most crucial part this time is practice. To develop her Bondage skills, Lisa needs to practice a lot. If you’re stuck and unsure how to help Lisa improve her Bondage skills, don’t worry. I’ve updated the hint system, and it now includes hints for each step of Lisa’s journey to becoming a true Bondage lover.

Just a reminder, if Bondage isn’t your thing, it’s completely optional.

A new feature I’ve explored is replacing two-frame animations with full animations, using AI to extrapolate from those two frames. This update includes quite a few of these, and while the process wasn’t straightforward – sometimes requiring me to render a third, fourth, or even fifth frame, along with other preparations – I’m pleased with the final results. It’s much more engaging than just toggling between two frames.

In addition to the new features, I’ve added eight gallery entries with the new content. I also fixed a few bugs and corrected some typos.

In the next update, I will finally include Amy’s events and some other features. I hope you’ll find a lot of enjoyment playing my game.

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