Report Week #5

Hello, dear supporters! The fifth week is over, and it’s time for a new weekly report!

This week was quite productive. The number of renders for the upcoming update overpassed 1,000! It’s 1,075 by now.

Most of the week, I worked on one beach scene. Lisa can’t spend the whole day on the beach without going to the restroom, right? So I decided to correct this omission. However, it’s not just about a watersport event – the watersport event is avoidable! In fact, I added a new location to the beach – a lavatory. It’s a luxury place with public showers and areas for males and females. The female zone has showers, changing stalls, and toilets. Also, it has quite a comfortable couch where the girls can chit-chat for a while. Lisa’s sex drive may put her in a pretty delicate position if she’s an exhibitionist.

Lisa will befriend four hot milfs (one of them she has already met, though) and meet four guys and girls from the volleyball team.

The lavatory scene is technically complicated. It includes five characters at once. Making good lighting with many characters on the scene with different skin tints – from pale to black – is quite daring, so I needed to use all my new knowledge and spent quite a lot of time. Besides lighting, I learned a lot about postprocessing, and I’m pretty happy with how my renders look now.

The scene contains 389 renders and a few stages and appears to be the new largest scene in the game.

I add the ability to read a textbook on the beach. Lisa has to get prepared for her math tests and can combine leisure and learning.

Another small scene I have built but not post-processed yet is a watersport event when Lisa travels to the right from the public beach. I have a plan to extend it in the future.

Also, Lisa will get the ability to pee during swimming. I added a relevant scene.

I started working on the next beach scene. It’s again an exhibitionistic event. After all, exhibitionism is the most popular fetish, according to my poll (46.6%, 8,574 voters.) When Lisa goes to the left from the public beach, she may decide that she doesn’t really need her bikini top – this area is quite secluded. And, probably, her bikini bottom as well. Again, Lisa’s sex drive may get her into a new adventure.

That’s all for now. Let’s stay in touch!

Your zegamez.

3 thoughts on “Report Week #5”

  1. Good stuff! Indeed, I agree, more exhibitionism is always fun 😀
    Good job on the 5 character renders, those aren’t easy. No animations there, I guess 🙂

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