Report Week #6

Hi, dear supporters! It’s time for the Week #6 report!

The last few days, I spent post-processing images. I didn’t make it by Sunday night, so I had to finish it today. For now, all the renders created by now are post-processed. Thus, the short swimming scene I mentioned in my previous report is ready.

The peeing scene during walking to the right from the public beach is also 100% finished.

I finished a quite big scene (251 renders) where Lisa went to the left from the public beach. It also includes two watersport sub-scenes. One of them is mild and beautiful. The second watersport scene may happen when Lisa meets Mr. Jefferson and his dog Trump. No worries, Trump is a good boy and won’t bite Lisa! Thus, our heroine may get carried away in her exhibitionistic adventure.

I have finished one more scene with Charlie, the beach photographer; she has stunning news for Lisa. They also meet Arleene, Charlie’s client. The scene contains 81 renders.

Also, I created a small promo Halloween event with my friend and talented game dev Will Tylor. Lisa meets Lauren – a girl from his game Family Venture.

I purchased a Nik Collection – a plug-in for Photoshop.

During the first day of working, I obtained nothing decent. The result didn’t worth the money I spent. However, on the third day, I finally got something I liked. Everything started from this image.

It’s almost a raw render. “Almost” – because I created it on a pure HDRI map without any object on the scene except for Lisa. The water is a ground level that cuts everything below it. Thus, I needed to draw Lisa’s legs sinking into the water later in Photoshop. Except for that, no filters and corrections were applied.

I liked everything in this render – lighting, shadows, temperature, tint, saturation – I thought that tweaking any parameters would make it worse. However, I tried it anyway. Here’s the result.

Which one is better? In my opinion, the last one looks much better. Thus, I included Nik Collection in my post-processing routine. It takes a little more time, but it is worth it!

From tomorrow, I’m going to work on the second part of the meeting with Charlie – a topless photo session. The whole update contains 1432 new renders by now. 

This week I had some real-life crazy stuff with police in my home and an emergency room visit. However, Miss Fortune was on my side this time. Never forget the things that really matter. And don’t hesitate to tell your beloved ones how you love them. Who knows what will be tomorrow?

Your zegamez

2 thoughts on “Report Week #6”

  1. Amazing work! Sorry I missed this update for a few days 🙂
    I agree, the post processing makes things a lot better 🙂 I know that plugin actually, I use it for photography as well!
    Over 1300 renders in one update… that’s crazy! Do you count the no hair/ pubes only / armpit hair only / armpit & pubes as 4 separate renders or not?

    1. Thank you!
      I count the total number of images, including pubes and armpits. Thus, if a certain render has four hair options – hairless, pubes only, armpits only, and pubes and armpits, I have three images for it: the whole image without hair, pubes, and armpits. I apply pubes and armpits over the main render right in the game according to a player’s choice.

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