Report Week #7

Hi, dear friends! It’s time for the Week #7 report!

This week I spent a lot of time learning Nik Collection I had got a week ago. As I said before, my initial results were quite mediocre. However, the more I work with these filters, the more I learn. Moreover, I learned a few valuable things unrelated to filters by spending a lot of time in Photoshop. For example, making close-up renders of nipples, and especially female genitalia, look more realistic. I didn’t see it in any tutorial, so I’d think about this method as my invention 🙂 Overall, in my humble opinion, my images’ quality increased significantly during the last month.

I created the last beach scene for the upcoming update. It’s a topless photo session. Charlie walks Lisa to a nice beautiful place on the beach that suites great for photo sessions. Thus, besides adding the topless options to existing renders, I added a few more new renders (40 in total.) 

The next thing I decided to include in the upcoming update is using Ben Wa Balls. In the current version, Lisa can buy but can’t use them. I’ve already done the detailed process of putting the balls on, ball by ball (79 renders is quite detailed, right?)

Besides putting Ben Wa Balls on, I’ve built all other renders for Ben Wa Balls but haven’t post-processed them yet. Hopefully, they will be ready next week, and I’ll tell you more.

I planned to add a big Drunken Monkey event but decided to leave it for the next updates. Instead, I started a Glory Hole event. 

Thank you for following me, guys and girls!

Your zegamez

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