Report Week #8

Hi, dear friends! Week #8 report is ready!

I have finished the Ben Wa Balls events I started the previous week. 

Lisa’s toy slightly differs from the real Ben Wa. Typically, Ben Wa Balls contains two balls, but Lisa’s toy has four balls. They fill Lisa pretty tight, so it’s almost painful, but… “almost.” Lisa is going to enjoy them very much.

Also, I decided to change the black rubber texture of the balls to a purple one. It looks better, in my opinion. And one more detail: typical Ben Wa Balls stimulate the female vagina, causing arousal, but the effect is mild. But Lisa’s Ben Wa Balls are much better. Thus, Lisa has a hard time ignoring them and sometimes has to stop and let herself chill out. The stimulation might become unbearable at a certain point, and Lisa could do nothing but release the tension.

There will be quite a detailed process of inserting Ben Wa Balls and pulling them out – 110 renders in total. For now, I added two activities when Lisa could wear Ben Wa Balls – cleaning and cooking. I decided to leave outdoor Ben Wa activities for the next releases.

The Glory Hole event is finished! Lisa discovered the secret of the door labeled “Out of Service.” It’s not a repeatable event for now, but Lisa could perform (or not perform) her first practice.

Lisa faces the moral dilemma – is it okay to do a blow job to a stranger even if nobody would find out about this? Take in mind that you could pick up whatever you like – there are no hard dependencies and storyline restrictions related to your decision. If you decide not to do this, Lisa will be able to maximize her Cum Play fetish by doing blow jobs to Hunter only. If you decide that there’s nothing wrong with Glory Hole and then Lisa falls in love with Hunter, she will refuse to visit Glory Hole again. For the lesbian route, Glory Hole is just one more place to visit and have fun together with Amy.

The event contains 105 renders and three long animations (about two minutes in total.) You can find an example of this animation here.

This week I also created a Skype event (not post-processed yet.) Hunter decides to have a video call with Lisa. Overall, Lisa has fun and may want to tease Hunter. Hunter is Hunter; however, something changed. It’s too vague to say for sure, but still…

Yesterday, I started working on the new scene – Lisa’s dream. For now, I’ve built just five renders. I hope to finish it by the next report.

The dream is the last big scene I plan to add. Then, I’ll review the fetishes I’ll include in the upcoming update. Overall, I feel like finalizing it.

Thank you for following me, guys and girls!


Your zegamez.

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