Report Week #9

Hello, dear friends! It’s time for my weekly report #9!

I got a new application for writing my visual novel – Scrivener. I downloaded it just because of curiosity, but it appeared to be a handy instrument. Right now, I have 37 documents related to my projects. Scrivener allows me to keep everything in one place and make everything easier and faster. Again, I wouldn’t invest money in my project if it were not for your support, dear friends!

The Skype conversation with Hunter is finished. It contains 98 renders! Lisa decides to answer the phone if she has certain feelings for Hunter. They’re going to see each other in real very soon!

Lisa’s dream is finished. Lisa will have this dream after visiting a Glory Hole (even if she decides not to stay there.) This time Dolly brings Lisa to an exciting place and introduces her to her fantasy friends.

I’ve created two watersport scenes (but not post-processed yet.) The first scene is Lisa’s imagination after watching a related video. The second is a short practice in the bathroom. As a reminder, all fetish scenes are avoidable.

A new toy to play with – anal beads. I’ve built the scene of buying this toy in the Sex Shop. Also, Jackie will tell Lisa about her ex-boyfriend. I have started the scene of inserting beads during Bed Play. By now, I’ve built 19 renders – Lisa inserted five beads of ten. Even though her butt already feels quite distended, Lisa does not doubt that she will manage to insert all of them.

Playing with anal beads is the last thing I was going to include in this update. Thus I have to finish the scene of inserting them, the scene of taking them out and add modifications to some existing renders and animations to show the ring sticking out of Lisa’s butt. I hope to finish everything this week and proceed to coding and testing.

Take care, guys and girls! The next update is going to be soon.

Your zegamez.

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