Report Week #1

Hello, dear supporters!

I started working on the next update v.2.0. It will finish Week 2. This weekend, Lisa meets Hunter. So, if you don’t follow the straight route, you won’t find much new content in the upcoming update.

However, the new content is very important for the main storyline.

I finished writing the script for v.0.2.0. It contains 48 standard pages. It’s over 12,000 words!

I changed my routine and sent my script to my friends for proofreading. Both of my friends have finished, and now I can send the text for translation as soon as I put the text into a code.

According to the script, Day 13 contains 11 subevents, and Day 14 – 17 subevents. Right now, I’m working on the fifth subevent of Day 13. However, the subevent length is VERY uneven, so I have no idea how to express it in percentage.

By now, 41 images have been rendered and post-processed, and over 100  more are in the line for rendering and/or post-processing.

My previous update was mostly about different fetishes and side stories. Thus, the images I posted were more teasers than spoilers.

But the upcoming update will include only Hunter’s route, and I don’t want to spoil too much. Would it be interesting to play if you knew every next step? Thus, I’ll be very limited in showing you new renders.

Thank you, everyone, for supporting me!

Your zegamez

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