V. 0.1.5e – what’s new?

Hi, dear supporters!

New version 0.1.5e of Beauty and the Thug is ready! And it is about 2,500 new renders and 50 new animations! In total, my game contains 14,709 renders and 1,130 animations.

I’ve been working on this update for quite a long time. It happened a lot during this process. I updated my PC, including a graphics card, purchased some graphics software and software to maintain my game scripts, and got a few courses about lighting and erotic content creation. In my humble opinion, the quality of my renders got much better. I hope you will enjoy them.

This time, I added three days at once – from June 10 to June 12. You can still play the next day (June 13) as Groundhog Day.

The game contains a lot of updates of various aspects of the game, so I even added to Walkthrough a Guide on how to get all new v.0.1.5 content most quickly. If you have already played my game and just want to check on new content, I recommend using that Guide. Otherwise, I’d recommend you don’t open a Walkthrough until you have played my game to the end at least once.


Car Wash

After the last conversation with Jose, Lisa changed her approach to car washing. Now, she doesn’t just wash cars; she tries to put up a small show for each customer. 

Of course, she does it for Elly. But what’s wrong if she enjoys it?

Doctor's office

Lisa promised her dad to visit a gynecologist when she would be nineteen. Now, it’s time to fulfill her promise. The girl is a bit nervous about this visit, but I’m sure everything will be great.

A small spoiler: her gynecologist is not a pervert. I don’t know if it’s legal in the nsfw-game industry, so don’t tell anyone, okay?

Beach - Lavatory

Lisa can’t spend the whole day on the beach without going to the restroom, right? So I decided to correct this omission. However, it’s not just about a watersport event – the watersport event is avoidable! In fact, I added a new location to the beach – a lavatory. It’s a luxury place with public showers and areas for males and females. Lisa will befriend four hot milfs (one of them she has already met, though) and meet four guys and girls from the volleyball team.

The female zone has showers, changing stalls, and toilets. Also, it has quite a comfortable couch where the girls can chit-chat for a while. Lisa’s sex drive may put her in a pretty delicate position if she’s an exhibitionist.

Beach - Journey to the Left

I added some interesting events when Lisa goes to the left from the public beach starting on Day 8 or later. It also includes two watersport sub-scenes. One of them is mild and beautiful. The second watersport scene may happen when Lisa meets Mr. Jefferson and his dog Trump.

 No worries, Trump is a good boy and won’t bite Lisa! Thus, our heroine may get carried away in her exhibitionistic adventure.


Beach - Charlie and Topless Photo Session

Lisa could meet Charlie, a photographer, and have her first beach photo session. Now, she can meet her again and find out about the changes in her life. Charlie will insist on free photo session. If Lisa is bold enough, it could be a topless photo session.

Beach - Other Updates

Besides quite big beach events described above, I added a few smaller. Thus, Lisa can go to pee when she goes to the right from the public beach or when she is swimming. Also, Lisa may read her textbook during sunbathing to get prepared for her Math test.


Day 11 is a laundry day. Thus, Lisa goes to the Laundromat and meets Sandra. If you didn’t invite Sandra on Day 7, you have a second chance to do it today. Otherwise, you can have one of two events depending on your relationship with Sandra. The general concept for Sandra-friend and Sandra-sex mate is the following:

Sandra-friend: there will be no direct sexual contact with Lisa, but Sandra will push Lisa to do different lewd and crazy stuff (and, of course, take pictures for her husband.) Eventually, Lisa will trust Sandra enough to share her kinks with her.

Sandra-sex mate: a lot of lesbian sex. Lisa will dare Sandra to do some lewd and crazy stuff together.

Glory Hole

I planned a Glory Hole for my previous update but postponed it, and many of my supporters were disappointed. This time, I created this event. Lisa discovers that the stall marked “out of order” at the restroom of the nightclub Paradise is not out of order in real. I added the initial discovering event and a recurring Glory Hole event.

I just have to add that Glory Hole is absolutely avoidable. So, if you think that Lisa’s character can’t do such kind of things, you can skip the Glory Hole branch. In this case, Lisa can maximize her blowjob and cum play skills with Hunter.


After visiting a Glory Hole for the first time, Lisa has a dream. Have you ever seen a fantasy Glory Hole? Lisa is a bit embarrassed when she gets inside, but Dolly loves this place very much.

Skype Call

On Day 10, Lisa receives a Skype call from Hunter. Lisa decides to answer the call if she has certain feelings for Hunter. They’re going to see each other in real very soon (actually, in the next update.)


New fetish - Cum Play

Over time, Lisa may become addicted to the taste of fresh cum, to the feeling of how a large spurt slowly flows down her throat, how thick warm loads cover her face, breast, and even legs making her dirty, slimy, but so… feminine? For now, Lisa can raise her Cum Play skills in two grades.

New Lewd Videos

Three new lewd videos. One of them is extended by Lisa’s imagination.

Watersport Practice

Lisa delves deeper into her watersport fetish. It’s time to proceed from watching related videos to practicing.


Ben Wa Balls

In fact, Lisa could purchase Ben Wa Balls in Red Light District starting from v.0.1.2a. However, she hasn’t been able to use them. Now, Lisa can put them on and do some chores while still having them inside her pussy. 

Also, I decided to change the black rubber texture of the balls to a purple one. It looks better, in my opinion. And one more detail: typical Ben Wa Balls stimulate the female vagina, causing arousal, but the effect is mild. But Lisa’s Ben Wa Balls are much better. Thus, Lisa has a hard time ignoring them and sometimes has to stop and let herself chill out. The stimulation might become unbearable at a certain point, and Lisa could do nothing but release the tension.

The process of insertion Ben Wa Balls and taking them out takes more than 100 renders.

Anal Beads

Anal Beads Lis can purchase at Jackie’s adult boutique. Jackie will tell Lisa about her ex-boyfriend and how they liked to play with anal beads. Releasing her tension before sleeping, Lisa may use anal beads and continue pleasing herself while having them inside. I updated a lot of animations and static renders, adding options with anal beads inside.

By the way, if you thought that 100+ renders for inserting and taking out Ben Wa Balls were quite a lot, that’s not the case. I created over 200 renders for inserting and taking out anal beads. That’s natural – Ben Wa contains four balls, while Lisa’s anal toy has ten beads.


I designed my game so that a player can play my game many times, and each time has different scenes. That means it’s impossible to reveal everything during one playthrough. Many players didn’t like it, so I decided to alleviate the process of opening new scenes. That’s why I created the cheat system.

In the current version, I entirely reworked it. Now, you have sliders for all fetishes, cooking skills, and progress in math.

Besides that, I added a few new cheat codes to control relations with Hunter and Sandra.

I’m reminding you that the game has Fetish Queen Mode – Lisa behaves like she has all the fetishes at once and wouldn’t miss any fetish-triggered scene. This cheat code is available for my supporters.


I added 20 new gallery entries for new content. It’s over 130 entries in total.


I fixed some existing problems. Among them, I fixed the problem that often lead to game crushing during first sex with Sandra.

Also, now Sandra always asks her husband permission to have sex with Lisa – I think that’s right.

Besides, I added a routine visiting of the book store a fixed some more bugs.

New Concept of Animations

I decided to change the concept of animations. Thus, instead of showing a lot of short animations, I combine them into one much more “professional” and longer video. The duration of such a video is about 30 seconds or even longer. Following this concept, I created Glory Hole animations and animations with anal beads.


For now, the game includes German translationItalian translation is going to be in the nearest future. Also, one guy is working on Brazilian Portuguese translation. He has already done it for v.0.1.2, and I have a hope he will finish soon. One more guy is working on Portugal Portuguese translation, but I don’t think he will finish soon. 

Please enjoy my game, friends. I put a lot of effort into developing Beauty and the Thug, and I hope you will like my game. And of course, I’d be happy if you would like my main character Lisa. And please, don’t judge Hunter.

Your zegamez

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