V. 0.1.5b is available for higher tiers!


V. 0.1.5a is available for my higher tiers! It already has a bug fix 0.1.5b 🙂


  • Added Day 10 – 12 (June 10 – June 12);
  • You can also play Day 13 as a Groundhog Day;
  • New Car Wash event. Lisa may decide not to put on her bra for car washing;
  • A new big event – visiting a gynecologist. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Lisa is healthy;
  • A new unique feature in nswf game industry – a non-perverted gynecologist!
  • New location – Lavatory on the beach. Quite a big scene;
  • New beach event with Charlie;
  • New nude adventures when Lisa goes to the left from the public beach;
  • Beach topless photo session;
  • A few smaller extensions for the beach – watersport events in several locations and reading textbook;
  • New events with Sandra in the Laundromat;
  • New location – Glory Hole in club “Paradise”;
  • new fetish – Cum Play;
  • Skype conversation with Hunter. This time, Hunter has a chance to convince Lisa to do something lewd;
  • New toy – Ben Wa balls. Lisa can clean or cook wearing Ben Wa balls;
  • One more new toy – Anal Beads. Lisa can use them at night;
  • New lewd dream with Lisa, Dolly, and Dolly’s new friends;
  • Three new fetish videos;
  • Watersport practice in the bathroom;
  • Lisa can visit Book Store routinely;
  • Fixed the bug with Sandra’s first sex scene, where the game often crashed. Also, if Sandra has sex with Lisa, she always asks her husband for permission;
  • A few other bug fixes.
  • Entirely reworked the cheat system. Now, you have sliders for all fetishes, cooking skills, and progress in math.
  • This version doesn’t contain translations of the new content; it will be ready later;
  • A new concept for new animations: one long animation (30-60 sec) instead of a few short animations;
  • The game now contains 14709 renders and 1130 animations;

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