Report Week #4 and #5

Hello, dear supporters! It’s time for the weekly report!

Can you find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat there? If you think it’s impossible, you’re wrong. Proven by Steam’s team. They banned my game, and all attempts to appeal led to nothing. Thus, Beauty and the Thug will never appear on Steam. A few weeks of work and $100 are lost for good.

The story with Steam and even more shitty IRL stuff that happened simultaneously made me down. But no worries – it didn’t break me. I must be worthy of my main character, right? If Lisa were me, she would shed a few tears, go to the park/beach/mall to unwind, write her diary entry, build up a new plan for the future, and end up in bed doing her favorite stuff and watching her favorite videos 🙂

I modified a few thousand renders to improve them and make them Stream-friendly (obviously, in vain.) Now, I’ll roll back a few changes because I wasn’t really happy with them. 

The good news – I finished Day 13! Yay!!!

I even put it into a code and sent it for translation. Also, my friend Cerberus finished the German translation of Day 13.

Lisa has a dream where she meets Dolly again. They have some things to discuss.

Then, I proceeded to Day 14 (Sunday.) Today Lisa meets Hunter again right in the morning. Day 14 contains 16 sub-scenes, while Day 13 contains 14. Two out of 16 Sunday’s sub-scenes are ready! That means I’ve finished 16 out of 30 sub-scenes in total.

I hope you’re doing well, guys and gals. See you next week!


Your zegamez.

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