Report Week #11

Hello, dear supporters! It’s time for Report Week #11!

I hope this is the last report, and the next post will contain a link to “Beauty and the Thug” v.0.2.0a.

It wasn’t easy, but I finished the Landlady event in one week! And it’s quite a big event that contains about 150 renders. The total number of new images is about 1,500.

Maria comes to check her apartment and gets very disappointed by Lisa’s behavior. Maria used to be quite a strict mother, and Lisa resembles her daughter so much…

Landlady Maria comes on Day 13 if Lisa doesn’t go out with Hunter. Otherwise, Maria will come on Monday, Day 15. At this moment, Monday is Groundhog Day, but I’ll add Maria’s visit anyway. This event is unavoidable, but Lisa can avoid or accept the punishment.

Besides, I added Landlady’s event into the game code and sent it to translators.


When I just uploaded the initial version of Beauty and the Thug v.0.0.1, one guy (who became my first patron and continues supporting me) said that he liked Lisa’s jewelry. He said it would be cool if Lisa’s necklace dangled on her neck during sex scenes. I got Lisa’s jewelry from this asset. The problem was that the developer didn’t provide any possibility of rotating the necklace. I spent quite a long time but didn’t find a way to do something with that. Now, I know two ways how to rotate the necklace! Probably, it’s the best part of developing when you find solutions for previously unsolvable problems.

Also, I rendered a few more animation groups – 5 out of 10. By “animation group,” I mean several short animation loops I’ll combine into one longer animation + hairy options. Rendering animations takes a long time, but things will go faster since I have finished all static renders.

And even more good news – Nev finished the draft of “The Better Deal!” He said his story was a gift to me! And he gave me the right to change everything I wanted in his story.

I have already read about half of the story. It’s quite a time-consuming process because, during reading, I simultaneously think about how I could put the narrative into visuals, how to reveal the character’s background without overloading players with “internal monologues,” different mismatches of heroes’ characters and their behavior, what assets I need and how much they may cost, etc. For now, I can say that I like the settings very much, and I would like to know what will happen next.

That’s all for now, guys and gals. Quite a lot for one week, isn’t it? This week I hope to finish coding, updating the game gallery, testing, and building distributives with German, Italian, and Brazilian translations + Android ports. However, I wouldn’t like to make any promises. Who knows what will happen next week? But I’ll try.

Your zegamez

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