Report Week #10

Hello, friends!

It’s time for the 10th weekly report!

This week, I rendered and post-processed all the static renders I planned for the upcoming update. It’s over 1400 images.

However, as I mentioned before, one of my patrons reminded me that June 13 is the due date to pay rent. Thus, I need to finish one more event with Lisa’s landlady.

Then, I put into a game code all dialogues and sent them to my friends for translation. Thus, we won’t need to wait for translations when everything else is ready.

Most of the time, I was working on animations. I said before that I decided to change my animation approach and create one complex and long animation instead of several short loops. I built 6 out of 10 animation groups; each group is going to become one long animation. By this time, I have rendered one group of animations.

I received an update from Nev, who is writing a new story for me, “The Better Deal.” This week he made huge progress. Right now, he’s writing the climax of the story.

That’s all for now, guys and gals. See you next week!


Your zegamez

Oh, almost forgot! I have even more good news: Lisa got 500 followers on her Instagram! Yay!!!

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