Report Week #9

Hi, dear supporters! It’s time for a traditional weekly report!


This week I’ve been working on one single event. However, it’s the most important event of the game by now. Besides, it’s the longest event. It’s more than twice as long as a gyn office event. And today, I finished building the last render! Yay!!!


Besides, I create settings for many animations, but I’ll finish them later.


I’ve rendered about 500 images just for this event (and still have a large render queue) but haven’t post-processed them yet. As well, I don’t want to spoil too much, so… 


What can I say about this long and important event? It’s been a long and exhausting day, so Lisa was constantly eating,


eating again,


and crying – alcohol makes Lisa quite emotional.

Perhaps, Lisa and Hunter found a few more things to do, but it was not as important as eating and drinking.

As I said before, I planned 16 events for Day 14, and 14 of them are ready, including the longest one. The last two events are pretty short, so I’ll finish them fast. But…

But a few days ago, one of my first and most dedicated supporters reminded me that Day 13 is a payday! Lisa has to pay her landlady Maria for rent. And I promised my supporter a special scene on payday that would include Lisa’s butt and Maria’s strong hand.

Probably, this kind of stuff doesn’t fit Lisa’s character, but I promised that a long tie ago, and a promise is a promise. I’ll add this scene for the upcoming release. After all, Lisa is a very reasonable person. Thus, despite hating pain and humiliation, she may admit that corporal punishment is for her own sake. Obviously, you could confront Maria (that would fit Lisa’s character much better) and avoid the punishment. Alternatively, Lisa may find the punishment horrible but weirdly arousing (that would also fit her character.) Anyway, I hope this event will make my story reacher, and many of you will enjoy it.

A few words about the upcoming visual novel “The better deal” that I announced in my previous reports. The author of this novel is Nev, and I really appreciate his moral and financial support. Here’s the short story overview:

Riley is a 26-year-old woman who works as a security guard. She lives alone with her younger brother William (23 years old). Because money is always short, she’ll get an offer that would solve these problems. With a team of old friends and new faces, she is going to have a new VIP job that could change her life forever.

The draft will be ready, most likely in March.

Besides working on my game, I continue learning blender. Making special morphs in blender doesn’t look as tedious as it was a week ago. Thus, I used it a few times and even learned how to create a morph for Lisa’s genitalia (they come separately from Lisa’s body.) I still need some practice, but I have already learned many useful things.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading my reports and supporting me. See you next week.

Your zegamez

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