Report Week #8

Hello, dear friends!

This week I finished a few more events. Now I’m working on the 14th event – the very main event, which will include some animations and a lot of renders. I created settings for a few animations, but I’ll finish them later. First, I’ll put all scripts into code to give my translators more time to work.

This week, I rendered almost 300 renders; however, I haven’t post-processed them yet, so I don’t really have much to show you.

Hunter made a surprise for Lisa. As you can see, she is very happy.

Hunter runs into a stranger. They have a nice talk. Hunter likes talking nicely with strangers, doesn’t he?

Besides working on my game, I experimented with DAZ and tried to learn some new software. I found a few cool techniques in DAZ Studio I didn’t know before and never met in tutorials. Unfortunately, they work great with simple objects like furniture but become completely buggy when I do the same with a complex object like a custom human figure. However, they appeared still useful.

The same thing happened when I was learning Hexagon – a free software for modeling that comes with DAZ. I hoped to use it to create more realistic body and clothing morphs. Everything works great when you work with a simple object or a default female figure. But when I transferred to Hexagon my Lisa with all her assets (breasts, genitalia, brows, eyelashes, …) it crashed in 90% of cases. And if it didn’t – it crashed during transferring back to DAZ after creating a custom morph for 30 minutes or so. Thus, if you’re going to become a dev – forget about Hexagon. Just don’t waste your time.

Things were much better with blender – a complex software for modeling, sculpting, and 1000+ other things. Donut Tutorial by Blender Guru helped me a lot. Here’s an example of a breast morph I created in blender.

The only problem is there’s no convenient bridge between DAZ and blender, and the whole process of transferring an object from one application to another, creating a morph, and transferring back takes too much time. And if you make a tiny mistake during transferring, you’ll get a mess.


As I said, my friend is writing a story for a new visual novel. The story’s title is going to be “The better deal.” The main protagonist is a 26-year-old female. As in “Beauty and the Thug,” the heroine is not a poor thing fucked by any stranger. In fact, she’s a tough gal who has seen a lot in her life. Besides other stuff, she has to take care of her 19-year-old brother…

Most likely, the draft will be finished by the end of this month.


That’s all for now. I hope you all are doing well.


Your zegamez.

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