Report Week #7

Hello, my dear supporters! It’s time for a new weekly report!

This week I created quite a lot of content. I split Day 14 into 16 events. The first seven events cover the whole day except for the night. The next three events cover alternative nighttime options. And the last six events describe the best nighttime option for Hunter’s route, the weekend’s culmination. By now, I had created all daytime events, alternative events, and the first main nighttime event – eleven out of sixteen in total.

This weekend is a crucial moment in the story. Hunter will learn a lot about Lisa’s past. What plans did Lisa and Amy have for their future? What happened to her dad, and why did Lisa blame her mother?

Also, Lisa will find out more about Hunter’s past. Is he human junk for good, or has something stopped him on the verge, and he can go through a reverse transformation into a Man? Or, in terms of “Beauty and the Beast,” can Lisa break that spell?

That’s all for now. Thank you again for your support. I really appreciate it!


Your zegamez

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