Report Week #1

Hello, dear supporters!

That’s time to start a new season of my weekly reports!

Honestly, I started working on my games almost two weeks ago, but during the first week, I worked on the “Better Deal” script exclusively. It appeared much more difficult than I expected. That’s how to write a movie script after the book, but even harder because I’m dealing with static images. Also, Nev wrote a kinetic novel, so creating different routes is also my job. In fact, that’s the hardest, and I spent quite a lot of time balancing different routes and false branches. But the hardest part is done. I’m currently at page 36 out of 38 for Nev’s novel, but I also need to write happy ends (from 2 to 4 – I haven’t decided yet.)

Now, about Beauty and the Thug. I finished the script for the next update, and it’s quite ambitious. It covers five days at once – from Monday, June 15, to Friday, June 19.

On Monday, Lisa texts Hunter. These are two relatively short scenes, and I have already done them.

Tuesday is a laundry day. Lisa meets Sandra, and they have fun again. I have already built the renders for the Sandra-friend event and currently finishing the Sandra-lover event.

Wednesday… Hmm… Oh, yes! Lisa has a new appointment with a gynecologist! Lisa is much more confident now, but who knows what will happen?

Thursday is a free sandbox day, and on Friday, Lisa will have a new conversation with Hunter and a wet dream after that.

Fetishes. Instead of adding some content for many fetishes, I decided to focus on a few of them. That’s primarily anal play and watersport. Thus, there will be one more toy to buy and Jackie’s sex shop – a butt plug. Besides using the butt plug at bedtime scenes, Lisa will wear it during routine events. This is the concept image:

I tried to create a realistic butt plug stretching of panties many times, and it always looked terrible. Only now, I got the result that I liked. Along with that, using of Ben Wa balls will be extended.

Glory Hole is not going to be updated this time, except for one thing: Lisa will stop going there if she is in love with Hunter.

And last but not least is the Beach. It’s such a big chunk that I considered making a separate Beach update. We will see how it goes. On the beach, Lisa will have new events with Carla and Mia, meeting Charlie and Jackie in the lavatory (two separate events), Jet Ski riding, and jumping from the cliff, where she will meet scuba divers.

You probably remember those thugs on the beach from Lockie’s squad who bullied Carla and Mia. And you probably remember that Hunter made them go from the Beach and the Park for good. Guess who from Hunter’s team members has replaced them?

A small hint: that’s two persons, and after their appearance, Kyle (beach barista) considers himself a happy man. Please, leave your guesses in the comments 🙂

That’s all for now, guys and gals. Have a great week!

Your zegamez.

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  1. It’s been a while since I last commented, sorry!
    I do keep reading these 🙂

    Nice work on several days! Honestly, Having some more free roam days in there would be good!
    I’ve never been a fan of too much effort being put into one-time events like the whole hunter storyline… It’s nice but the sandboxy events are much more fun to me. Watching them change depending on how perverted Lisa is… And repeating them again to see what has changed! So I think jus thaving more overal repeatable content is better than the one-time events.

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