Report Week #2 and #3

Hey there, my wonderful supporters! Here’s my report for weeks #2 and #3.

I’ve been super busy lately with my projects! First up, I wrapped up the Tuesday Laundry event for both Sandra-Friend and Sandra-Lover. That’s over 300 renders.

This is one more exhibitionistic event, but the girls push each other even further this time. Sandra takes the lead for the Sandra-Friend option, while Lisa leads when Sandra is a lover. 

Then, I create the Wednesday Gynecologist appointment. This is Lisa’s second visit. Who knows what will happen this time? The event contains over 200 renders and one animation – everything is rendered and post-processed.

Then, I created Friday’s Skype conversation with Hunter for Hunter-friend and Hunter-boyfriend. The second option is way more interesting.


While I was writing this report, I finished a new Lisa’s dream – this is the sixth one. It’s not very long, but this time Lisa will see Amy instead of Dolly. Lisa will see this dream only if she is on Hunter’s Route and they have had sex on the beach.

Now, a few words about The Better Deal. I’m happy to say that the script is done! Right now, I’m proofreading and polishing it with Chat TGP, trying to make it more natural for Native English speakers. I must say that Chat is quite an annoying Puritan creature that is very sensitive to the slightest adult content. Besides, it can’t proofread big chunks of text, so I need to split it into small parts. I’ve finished proofreading the first of the four chapters, and I’m not entirely sure if I have the nerve to finish it all. Maybe I’ll give up and continue with the classic proofreading method.

Luckily, this is the only annoying part. I’m in touch with Nev, the author of The Better Deal. If I printed out our messages to each other, it would take a mile, but working with him is a pure pleasure. After finishing a certain event, I sent it to Nev. Then Nev made his corrections again, and I rewrote some episodes. The story became much better and more realistic than both Nev’s initial variant and my script without Nev’s corrections.

For example, I didn’t like how Nev made the main heroine (Riley) behave in one critical situation – it wasn’t realistic. I rewrote it on my own and was quite happy with that. But Nev showed me that my method also had serious flaws. I asked Chat TGP – Chat said it couldn’t tolerate violence and generated a peace of boring shi… text. Then Nev sent me a new variant of that event. I liked it much more, but there still were some minor flaws. I made a few corrections in Nev’s script, and we finally got the result that we both really liked – that’s how it worked, and I really enjoyed how we were improving our novel.

The story will have four happy lesbian ends and two happy straight ends.

Okay, that’s all for today. Let’s stay in touch.

Your zegamez.

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