Report Week #4 and #5

Hello, everyone! It’s time for the Week 4 & 5 report!

The Better Deal

First, a few words about “The Better Deal.” The script is 100% done! Yay!!! Besides several options for straight and lesbian happy endings and one so-so final, I added one more “dark end.” It’s kind of a happy end but very specific.

The main character is Riley Ito – a stunning 26-year-old woman and a former sniper in the U.S. Army. Currently, she works for the security company “BP Protection” and barely makes ends meet, forced to pay the medical bills of her younger brother, whom she loves very much. After Riley Ito distinguished herself at work, she received a call with a very interesting offer. An offer she can’t refuse.

The game will have a lot of nudity and sex: vaginal sex, anal sex, blowjob, lesbian, lezdom, sex toys, teasing, and, of course, handholding. Anal sex and lezdom are going to be fully avoidable. For lesbian lovers, there will be available not-a-single-dick playthroughs. Of course, lesbianism is also avoidable for the straight routes.

You will be able to decide if Riley Ito starts as a virgin. For non-virgin Riley, you will be able to have more hardcore scenes. However, if Riley is a virgin, you will have the scenes of her defloration at the end of the game, different for the straight, lesbian vanilla, and lesbian lezdom routes.

Also, “The Better Deal” will have some connection with “Beauty and the Thug.”

The next step is creating characters and doing the first renders.

Beauty and the Thug

Now, about “Beauty and the Thug.” As I said before, I decided to add several levels of the same fetish instead of adding a little to a few ones, so you wouldn’t have a hard time opening all new content. These weeks, I worked on Anal Play, and I did a lot.

First, I’ve added a new toy – an inflatable butt plug. Lisa can buy it in the Sex Shop. Then, I added the scenes of putting this butt plug in and taking it out during Lisa’s nighttime play session. It’s over 160 renders.

To implement the butt plug into the nighttime session, I had to add some static renders and over 30 animations with the butt plug. Now, it’s not 2-3 second loops – it’s 20-30 second animations of much better quality than I had done in the beginning.

To progress Lisa in Anal Play, she will need to use her vibrator anally. The scene is done and includes over 60 renders and a few animations.

Also, I’ve added the scene where Lisa puts on her butt plug in the daytime for idle wearing (over 110 renders.) Now, I’m working on implementing idle butt plugs or Ben Wa balls wearing during Lisa’s home and outdoor routine. I’ve already added wearing Ben Wa and a butt plug during preparing for the math test, reading erotic literature, having a nap, and writing a diary.

First, I planned a lot of beach scenes and watersport scenes for the next update, but my plans changed. I decided to make an early update. In fact, I’ve already done over 1100 new renders and 37 animations – more than enough for the normal update, right? Thus, the next update will include:

  • Monday, June 15: mostly routine day, but includes a morning scene after dating with Hunter;
  • Tuesday, June 16: Laundry Day;
  • Wednesday, June 17: Lisa visits her Gynecologist;
  • Thursday, June 18: routine day;
  • Friday, June 19: routine day, but Lisa will have a Skype conversation with Hunter and a new dream.
  • Huge progress of the Anal Play, from 46% to 75%. 

The main reason why I decided to make an early update is to implement a hint system as soon as possible. My initial plan for “Beauty and the Thug” was to make it very diverse so that a player could play my game many times and have something new each time. However, many players complained that it was very hard to unlock all the content; some players just played once and left bad reviews saying that the game had almost no content. To alleviate the problem, I added Fetish Queen Mode, Groundhog Days, and the option to start a new game with saved stats from the previous playthrough. However, it still wasn’t enough.

Thus, I decided to add a hint system. It will be a button on the top bar that you can click to get instructions on what you should do in the current situation to progress in fetishes and relationships with other characters. It’s a lot of work, but I believe my game will be much more enjoyable and easier to play. I think I’ll be able to update “Beauty and the Thug” by the end of the month.

Thank you for following me. I hope you all are doing well!

Your zegamez

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