Report Week #6 & #7

Dear followers,

I hope this message finds you all in good spirits and full of excitement for what’s to come. I wanted to take a moment to greet you all and express my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support throughout this journey. I’m thrilled to share with you the progress we’ve made during the past two weeks.

I’ve finished the buttplug and Ben Wa stuff planned for this update. Now, Lisa can wear her toys during most of her routine home activities and even when she goes out.

I have added a library event where Lisa tries to learn math but has to alleviate the heat in her lower belly.

Then, I added one more Drunken Monkey exhibitionistic event. This time Lisa goes even further.

Thus, the visual part of the upcoming update is now complete! The update will have about 1800 new renders and 50 animations.

The next stage is the code implementation. As I said, I have some ideas on how to make my game easier to walk through. But right now, I’m adding the new data to the game code to let translators work with the game scripts. My friends have already proofread it, so I hope this part will not cause any significant delays. I’ve already written a few thousand strings of code, but even more to go.

As I entered the final stage of development, I didn’t work these two weeks on “The Better Deal.” But I will continue working on my second project as soon as the current update for “Beauty and the Thug” is ready.

I think this is the last report before the release of v.0.2.5a. I invite you to stay connected with me through my social media channels. Your continued presence and support mean everything to me.

Warm regards,

your zegamez

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