Version 0.2.5a is available for higher tiers!

Hello, dear supporters!

Time is flying! A week ago, I finally realized that I would leave for vacation soon and would hardly have time to finish the update. But I’ve been working hard, and now, when I’m printing this text, version 0.2.5a is uploading on Mediafire.

New events

The new update adds five game days from June 15 to June 19.

On Monday, June 15, Lisa gets up after her date with Hunter and has a very nice phone conversation with him. If you’re not on Hunter’s route, there will be just a routine Monday.

Tuesday is a laundry day. Lisa meets Sandra. You’ll have different scenes depending on how Sandra is – a friend or a lover. Both are hot.

Important: unfortunately, in the previous update, I forgot to set up a variable to track the progress of Sandra’s events. It’s not a problem if you start a new game (it’s fixed now), but you’ll have only an old laundry event if you load your old save. Like a hotfix, use the cheat code Laundry+1 before going to the laundry on June 16 to see new content without starting a new game.

On Wednesday, Lisa visits a gynecologist. It’s always fun, right?

Thursday is a sandbox day, and on Friday, Lisa has a Skype call from Hunter. It’s also quite hot if you’re on Hunter’s route.

Besides, I added a new library event and continuation of Lisa’s exhibitionistic event in Drunken Monkey.

Lisa will have one more dream. It’s short but includes Amy.


As I said in one of the weekly reports, I decided to concentrate on one – two fetishes per update to make discovering new content easier for you. This time, I worked on Anal Play and added several new levels from 46% to 75%. Lisa is going to learn a lot and buy a new toy – an inflatable buttplug. She will get the ability to use it not only during masturbation but when doing her home routine and even outdoors. Thus, the new Drunken Monkey and library events work with buttplug and Ben Wa balls, too.

New game features

Except for over 1800 new renders and 50 animations, the new version contains some new essential game features.

First, I made an experimental feature for saving Lisa’s stats at the end of the game permanent. Now, you’ll have a nice screen where you can see your final stats. All stats will be restored when you start a new game.

Next, you can skip Prologue, the First Day, or even the First Week when you play the game again.

Finally, the most important feature: the Hint System! It’s almost 300 hints split into six categories – from general suggestions and reminders to instructions that you need right now. Using these hints, I learned all fetishes in a single playthrough. I thought it was impossible without cheat codes!

Also, I fixed a few bugs and made Glory Hole unavailable when Lisa fell in love with Hunter. Lisa is not a whore. She can’t date Hunter and next day, have fun at Glory Hole.


I didn’t have time to update the gallery and do some other minor tasks, but I’ll complete them in version 0.2.5b. Currently, the only translation that is prepared is Italian (excluding the hints, as I didn’t have an opportunity to send them for translation). I will incorporate everything within a week. The Android version is not ready either, but I anticipate its completion in the near future.

There was a time when I believed I wouldn’t have a chance to finish the update, but I managed to do it! So, enjoy the game. In the meantime, I am embarking on a one-week vacation with a clear conscience. I hope to return in a week and resume working on both of my projects with renewed strength.


Your zegamez

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