Report Week 6 and 7

Hello, dear supporters! These two weeks were quite fruitful.

Beauty and the Thug

I created seven beach events. Some of them are very short; some others are quite long. It’s over 500 renders and four animations.

If you remember, the beach is now under Hunter’s control. And guess what? – He sent the twins there to handle the gang’s business!

Also, jet sky rent is finally open. Now Lisa can ride a jet ski and get an adrenaline rush – either on her own or with the company.

Moreover, while on a jet ski ride, Lisa might encounter the twins. Who knows how that could end up?

The Better Deal

I created three events. Four more events – and Chapter I will be ready! Here’re some teasers:

As you probably noticed, I did biweekly reports instead of weekly ones last time. Creating a report is quite time-consuming, and I decided it was better to work more on my projects. Let me know if you still would like to have reports every week.

That’s all for now. I hope everyone is doing well. See you next time.

Your zegamez.

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