Report Week 8 and 9

Hello, dear supporters! It’s time for the next report!

Beauty and the Thug

During these two weeks, I continued working on beach events. Specifically, I focused on the lavatory events, and I’ve added the second event with beach ladies.

Additionally, you will be able to meet Jackie or Charlie there. Jackie’s event is ready for release. I finished rendering Charlie’s event yesterday, but I still need to render and post-process the images. It should be ready in a few days.

There are now over 1,000 new renders! I have three more events in mind, and it shouldn’t take much time to complete them.

The Better Deal

I created four new events, finished Chapter I, and surpassed the milestone of 500 renders. This is sufficient for the initial release. However, I want to go a little further and create two events from the second Chapter. During these events, the adventure starts, and Riley gets acquainted with her potential love interests.

That’s all for now. Most of the work is done. If I were working on just one game, I could be fairly confident that this would be the last report before the release. However, I’m working on two games, and both are steadily approaching their releases. So, no promises except that I will work as hard as I can to complete them as soon as possible!

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