Report 2024-06

Hello, dear supporters!

The pause after finishing the game update took longer than usual due to some real-life issues, but now things are mostly settled. So, let’s finally kick off the new season of my work reports.

Previously, I usually presented the results of two weeks of work, but due to the extended break, I’ve decided to publish this report now, even though it only covers one week of active work.

This week, I focused on The Better Deal. I’ve been working on a lengthy event that can unfold in three different ways depending on your choice, each with unique NSFW scenes. It’s 95% complete, but I still need to finish a few scenes. So far, I’ve rendered over 100 static images and fully prepared 19 animations. A few more animations are rendered and just need compiling from frames. Some are in the rendering queue, and my graphics card works non-stop.

I haven’t post-processed the renders yet, but here are a few renders just for the demonstration. It was always a big problem for me to show something interesting but not to spoil too much.

I aim to finish the update for The Better Deal and publish it on Steam. My long-time supporters might recall that the idea of working on my second game came about when Steam took my money and then banned Beauty and the Thug. So, this will be a moment of truth.

To wrap up the current update, I need to prepare five more events. Some are big, some small, and three of them include sex scenes. I will try to complete this as quickly as possible while maintaining quality. I could have finished the current event sooner if I hadn’t created so many animations and focused on details like the wet inner thighs of a very aroused Riley, but that wouldn’t be as fun, right?

Besides Steam, I’ll also publish The Better Deal on and make it available to my $10+ tiers on Patreon and Subscribestar. The current version will become a free demo and will be available for download from my site,, and other resources offering free content.

After that, I plan to continue work on Beauty and the Thug. The next update will likely revolve around one huge event involving Lisa, Amy, Hunter, and Will.

That’s all, folks. See you later!

Your zegamez

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